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Taking the hassle and anxiety out of your storage and moving needs…

Shipmybooks offers Professional Moving Services for students on their domestic and international shipping needs. Whether you need to store few boxes between semesters, or planning to move to another country, our shipping consultants will guide you step by step by explaining to you your shipping options in advance.  Generate instant online rates in less than 30 seconds.  Research all what you need to know about shipping, from where to buy the boxes? Tips on how to pack? What are the Customs regulations for international shipments and other details that will help you ship like a pro.  We are here for stress free affordable solution. Please call us and plan your shipment in advance with a moving specialist, or generate instant rates using our Instant Shipping calculators. We understand that students are usually on a budget, so you will find that our special offers make your student move more affordable when the time comes to leave your dorm or apartment after the semester is over.

Ask us a question online, call one of our shipping consultants or use our instant shipping calculators to generate your shipping rates instantly.

This is a complete end to end solution for all your student moving needs.

This is the only company that actually took time, and explain to me where to start, they c..
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